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Directions to Shasta Lake, California, USA

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Driving directions to Shasta Lake, Shasta Dam and the Vista Point

NOTE: The driving directions below are NOT for the resorts. For maps and info on the houseboat marina resorts please click here. (Each resort listing has a Google map link.)

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  • Driving directions to Shasta Lake, Shasta Dam and the Vista Point (Shasta Lake, California, USA - in northern California)

  • Take Interstate 5 (i-5) to 7 miles north of Redding, California, USA.

  • Take i-5 Exit #685 "Shasta Dam Blvd / 151".

  • Drive west on Shasta Dam Blvd. (151) for 7 miles to Shasta Dam, Shasta Lake and the vista point.

  • Lat/Long for Shasta Dam visitor center 40.7134, -122.4174

NOTE: Many of the Shasta Lake campgrounds and RV parks are located in the town of Lakehead, California. Lakehead is at the north end of Shasta Lake and about 25 miles north of Redding, California.

Lakehead is located right on Interstate 5 (i-5). Take i-5 exit #702. Here are two pages with Google map links to Shasta Lake campgrounds and RV parks. Shasta Lake is a big lake. Make sure you know exactly where you're going before you go. This will save you from driving up and down Interstate 5 (i-5) all day.

You can also use the Locator Maps to find directions.

Here's an address for the Rite-Aid store in Shasta Lake, California.

5350 Shasta Dam Blvd.
Shasta Lake, California
Lat/Long 40.6801, -122.3511

I've included this address for those who need something to enter into their navigation system. This address and lat/long might help you find your way to the City of Shasta Lake.

Shasta Lake is located in the northern part of California, USA. Listed below are the approximate distances in miles to Shasta Lake. (by car)

When you're driving to Shasta Lake you're basically driving to Redding, California. Redding is about 10 miles south of Shasta Lake.

So when you're driving, look for the road signs that guide you to "Redding". This will get you in the general area of Shasta Lake, California.

Chico, California - 80
Los Angeles, California - 545
San Diego, California - 669
Sacramento, California - 163
Eureka, California - 158
San Francisco, California - 218
San Jose, California - 250
Bakersfield, California - 448
Portland, Oregon - 423
Corvallis, OR - 352
Medford, Oregon - 145
Grants Pass, Oregon - 177
Eugene, Oregon - 316
Reno, Nevada - 201
Seattle, Washington - 595
Port Alberni, British Columbia, Canada - 834

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